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The Bottom Line

The SCG Design/Build process begins with a free, on-site initial consultation. During this initial meeting, we discuss the client's needs, vision, and project goals. We discuss budgets for proposed work, and help prioritize elements of the renovation, focusing on what's most important to clients for better value-engineering. SCG observes existing architectural features and interior design styles that clients want to integrate into the new project. Anticipated space use and functionality are also discussed, as are any other concerns or questions the client may have about the design and renovation process.

When the customer selects SCG as their Design/Build Contractor, a small non-refundable down-payment may be required in order to begin the actual Design work. This down-payment is later applied towards the construction costs upon entering a Contract Agreement for Construction Services. SCG then schedules a second on-site meeting; during this meeting, SCG reviews and refines details that were introduced in the Initial Consultation. Mr. Hart physically inspects the project area, defining existing conditions which need to be considered while the project is under construction. Detailed dimensions are taken to create "as-built" drawings, which are scaled, detailed drawings of the proposed renovations. These scaled drawings become part of the SCG/Owner Contract Agreement and may be used to obtain building permits.

Once the customer approves the design, a cost estimate/proposal is produced which includes a detailed text of the entire proposed scope of work. Every element and phase of the building process is outlined, and presented to the client verbally and in writing. This assures that the client is informed and comfortable with the entire construction process before it begins. Once this is done, a Contract Agreement is executed and the work scheduled.

The Process

Maximizing Your Investment

Additional Value

Working with SCG's Design/Build services dramatically cuts your project costs while assuring the best design and construction planning possible. With the industry experience and talent that SCG's owner, Kevin D. Hart, brings to the table, most projects can be designed without involving an architect, a step that often delays construction by weeks or months, and typically costs thousands of dollars that could instead be put towards construction of the project itself. Once the SCG Design process is completed, the client receives a detailed proposal and construction-ready drawings suitable for permitting that document the scope of work in detail. In fact, with the SCG Design/Build process, a project is estimated so closely that SCG will go to contract with that price, assuring clients are not hit with budget "surprises" down the road when it's too late.

In fact, eliminating "surprises" of any kind is a major part of SCG's Design/Build formula. To assure an efficiently run and accurately budgeted project, Mr. Hart serves as the Project Designer, Estimator and Project Manager. Not only does this minimize the confusion and stress of working with numerous project contacts, it assures the client that one person is accountable for the work being done, and that person is accessible and prioritizes the client's project for its duration. In addition, this streamlining minimizes SCG's overhead expenses, savings which are reflected in more reasonable project costs.

SCG's Design/Build service maximizes the value of your investment. We realize the financial and emotional concerns raised by embarking on any construction project; therefore, SCG makes every effort to establish the highest comfort level possible for our clients. We do this by providing the following:

A seamless and accountable management process that minimizes confusion and stress
Design drawings that satisfy project goals within budget
A creative design resource that assures the successful blend of function and finished form
A carefully planned and executed estimating process that assures established budgets are met
Skilled, experienced craftsmanship and project management that delivers excellent quality on a timely basis

With SCG, clients enjoy the highest value and construction quality in a finished project that will enhance their homes and lifestyles for years to come.

Design / Build - What it does for you

Because of the savings in both time and money, the Design/Build process is one of the most popular ways for clients to begin their remodeling projects. While many design/build companies can save dollars, SCG's Design/Build provides additional value with an exceptional level of professionalism, talent, and seamless management. With SCG Design/Build, there are no hidden costs or agendas - we deliver with the greatest respect for the client and their financial investment. Our goal is to develop and complete projects that provide the most value and impact for the investment, making sure that the function, appearance and associated cost are everything the client had anticipated. SCG wants to make sure clients are pleased with their remodeling experience - and the results - for many years to come.

SCG past customer references are available upon request.